Multi-function treadmill

  • Function: Time distance heart rate
  • Output power: 2.0 HP output voltage 220V(50HZ)
  • Speed range: 0-12 .0 km/h
  • Running belt area: 1100 * 400mm
  • Treadmill maximum load: 130kg
  • Slope adjustment method: Fixed slope


Intelligent 3D tendons massage, deeply relax the tendons and collaterals. Through the new asynchronous swing arm structure and the combined force feedback control technology upgrade, the new 3D feel movement can be realized, pushing, rubbing, pulling, pinching, smoothing and other actions can be completed in one go, creating a unique “tendon pulling” technique, removing the sore points, and reaching the deep tired muscles and fascia.

treadmills made in China

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    Additional information

    Weight 45 kg
    Dimensions 145 × 67.5 × 116 cm


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