Relax electronic tens foot massage machine

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Relax electronic tens foot massage machine

Relax electronic tens foot massage machine

Multifunctional massage is a combination of a large number of clinical practice, the use of modern microelectronic technology developed the latest generation of health-care quality. It not only has acupuncture, thump, massage, cupping, massage, scraping, blood pressure and other functions, also has foot function and originality developed for office in the elderly population have a great time sitting crowd help.

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Relax electronic tens foot massage machine

Relax electronic tens foot massage machine

1. Digital technology is more precise treatment
The application of digital technology, the human body needs physical factors into precise digital signals, and then by the computer according to the human need for comprehensive treatment, to ensure the accuracy of the treatment, greatly improving the efficacy of the treatment.

2. infrared electrode deeper treatment
Using infrared electrode patches, covering a larger area, making treatment more profound effect.

3. Wonderful feel more real waveform
Wonderful combination of the waveform, allowing you to truly experience the true feeling of acupuncture, Chuibei, massage, cupping, massage, scraping.

4. The unique ear clip buck and hypnosis
Ear and viscera physiological and pathological closely linked. Traditional acupuncture and pulse current stimulation combined. The use of electrical stimulation pulses of different waveforms, and strengthen the stimulation of acupuncture ear, so as to enhance the efficacy of antihypertensive hypnotic purposes.

5. Junior lightweight for easy portability
This machine is small, delicate, light, easy road, at work or carry out walking. And without the use of alternating current, easier to use. Therefore known as “pocket health-care physicians, personal health nurse!”

6. The operation is simple and easy to grasp ordinary people
Design user-friendly, easy to learn the function menu operations, according to their need to set the time or adjust their own function mode, electrodes attached to the clipboard can easily be affixed to massage the site.

7. Quality reliable safer
Regular manufacturers, registered trademarks, subject to stringent quality inspection checks, use more secure.

8. decent and healthy gift
Better to send gifts to health! With “Digital meridian therapy instrument” gift decent, healthy and generous.

9. A phone family Endless
“Digital meridian therapy instrument” for the crowd extremely broad. A machine in hand to facilitate the family!

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Properties: Massager Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: VD Model Number: VD-H-11002 Type: tens machine Application: Body Voltage: 4.5V Power 3w Battery: 2 x AAA(3V) Retail box size: 36*26*8cm Carton size: 78*54*37cm Weight: 28kg /30kg Sample: avaliable OEM: welcome ODM: welcome Package: color box
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