Portable hottest neck massager kneading

Neck massage is the integration of traditional meridian massage with modern medicine massage principle. It is latest development of successful product.It has massage and infrared heating functions.
Neck massage has obvious effect on relieving sour neck, waist,back and leg,promoting blood circulation and facilitating metabolism.
Besides,it can be widely used in car,office and home due to the car cigarette lighter. Users will enjoy healthy life by it.

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Portable hottest neck massager kneading

1. Home and Car two use
2. Massaging and Rubbing method, Shiatsu Acupressure with heating (heat function temperature is 36-38℃)
3. Ergonomically designed for your neck & shoulder
4. It can be applied to Shoulder, Neck, Calf, Back, Waist, Belly and Foot
5. Special Shoulder Massage Ball Tension Technology
6. Easy Self-Massage

The function of neck massager:
1. For Neck & Shoulder: Reduce pain and relieve fatigue. help neck blood circulation, relax muscle and arteries, mitigate tired.
2. For Back & Lumbar: Relaxing back and lumbar muscles
3. For Waist: Reduce fat
4. For Calf: Improve the lines of shank, burn the fat, promote the blood circulation

Applicable People:
1.The elderly with shoulder and back pain
2.People over age 35 with decreased basal metabolism, or long-term chores performers
3.Drivers: People driving to work every day with neck and back pain
4.Office workers: Mental workers long hours every day sitting at a computer and desk
5.Service staff : People with heavy workload and fatigue

Warm Tips
1.Use it 2 or 3 times every day.In order to prolong lifetime of the products,please do not use this machine too frequently.
2.If you want to use again, please use it three hours later.
3.You’d better drink a cup of warm boiled water after use it.
4.Please don’t use this product within an hour after the meal.,
5.Recently undergone an operation,the back ,neck injured people please use the product under the guidance of doctors.


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