Meyur acupuncture foot massage machine

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Meyur acupuncture foot massage machine

meyur acupuncture foot massage machine

Massage is not hard touch discomfort or injury only Feet, while we use every day in light and comfortable slippers Life can simultaneously treat painful foot and waist without any side effects Body; also be equipped with two or four electrode pads can massage all Body parts parts; improve your body circulation, and then let your health and slim.

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Meyur acupuncture foot massage machine

Meyur acupuncture foot massage machine

1.Product overviews:

This product uses software and hardware complement design,it has the flexible,

breathable, dry and comfortable, perspiration cooling, refreshing, eliminate fatigue

function,the massage is without hard touch discomfort or damage to the sole of

foot, at the same time using the lightweight and comfortable slippers in our daily

life which can treat the pains of foot and waist without any side effects on

body;also be equipped with two or four electrode pads that can massage the all

local parts of body;improve your body circulation, then keeps you health and slim.


1. Modify outline and reduce double chins.

2. Improve aged wrinkles and prevent from aging.

3. Narrow pores and remove aged cutin.

4. Dissolve fouling, get rid of butyric acid, diminish inflammation and sterilize


5. Refuel bioelectric energy, accelerate cellular metabolism and remove blackspot.


1 Can produce electricity which can stimulate movement of muscle and make skin

recover elasticity again

2 Can stimulate the circulation of blood, improve penetration of cells, supply

efficiently muscle tissue and skin tissue with nutrient

3 Micro-electricity can produce electricity ion penetration, supply skin with moisture

content which make skin moist, smooth and have elasticity

1, Acupuncture. 2, Stroke. 3, Massage. 4, Cupping. 5, Manipulation.
6, Scrapping. 7, Weight Reducing. 8, Immunotherapy.

Quick Details

Properties: Massager Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: VD Group Model Number: VD-H-11004 Type: therapy massager Application: Body Battery: 3*AAA,not included Size: 15.3*7*2.5cm Sample: avaliable Brand: VD Group,no brand OEM: welcome ODM: welcome Payment: TT Deliver: up to order Customer: CASADA,AMD shipping: up to order
Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: carton box
Delivery Detail: 15-20days


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