Massage Chair VD-780

If you want to choose a suitable gift for Mom and Dad, I think the massage chair VD-780 is very suitable. The current massage chair is already very smart, not only provides a full range of massages, but also a variety of modes. Most importantly, it has the effect of treating cervical and lumbar pain.

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Massage Chair Model VD-780

The perfects massage chair VD-780 will have you sitting pretty as you get the relief and relaxation of a professional massage without having to leave your living room

You’ll find the best massage chairs at VD Group – We are a professional manufacturer and exporter for massage chairs and some other massage stuff.

Top Quality Intelligent Kneading Shiatsu Used  Massage Chair

What Is The Best Massage Chair On The Market?

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Desc. electric Luxury massage chair VD-780

  • Voltage:220V~ 240V/50Hz
  • Power:150W
  • N.G/W.G:85/98KG
  • packing size:1250X790X1170mm

The function of Intelligent Kneading massage chair model VD-780

  • Manipulator double-layer 4 wheels;
  • intelligent body detection;
  • integrated armrest linkage;
  • zero space forward;
  • Bluetooth surround sound;
  • foot airbag wrap;
  • roller scraping;
  • 15 kinds of intelligent health procedures;
  • heating functions for sole, waist and back

Picture of Massage Chair Model VD-780

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We will start with you and your needs, we will go to what you will encounter while searching the market for massage chairs.

Best massage chairs offer a more cost-effective option to get massages regularly and yield the same benefits as that of a regular massage. They are a one-time investment and can be used at the convenience of your spare time, from your home or office areas. But the problem could be choosing the right one from all the options that are available in the market, that too within a wide price bracket.

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Contact Us Get A Better Deal!
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Call Mobile : +86 135.8041.3994
Mail: [email protected]
Skype: ammy.leung

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