Massage Chair 2018 New Best Price

As health is paid more and more attention and professional health care is expensive and difficult , people prefer to buy health care machine to help them keep in good conditions at home. Office worker need massage chair to protect themselves from vertebral disease. Sports enthusiasts need massage chair to relax muscles so they can get into next sports quickly. Old people need massage chair to aid circulation and soothes nervous so they won’t suffer from insomnia.Massage chair will be more and more popular.

Our massage chair chair can massage whole body.People can be totally relax by using it.The massaging parts include head,neck,shoulder,arm,back,leg and foot.

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 Massage Chair 2018 New Best Price

The feature of Multifunctional Electric Massage Chair:

1.Auto-adjust the angle of the backrest and leg rest.
2.Back massage mode:knead,shiatsu,tap,knock with heating.
3.Airsqueezing for head,shoulder, back,waist,thigh,and leg.
4.Body-stretch function for wide,middle,narrow.
5.Flexible back area massage can be justed and set freely.
6.Foot scraping function.
7.Deep and firm hybrid massage,using rollers on the upper body and air pressure on the lower body,mayhave the effect of full relax .
8.Using the advanced infrared sensor,the automatic acupuncture point detect the body size and shape of the user before massage,to determine most suitable massage to be performed.
9.4 healthcare programs,the music synchronization program and a wide range of manual massage courses allow you to choose the most desireable personal massage programs.
10.the musice synchronization program has created the fusion of music and massage,giving you more relaxation and enjoyment whether physically or spirtually.
11.the 4 massage roller system gives you the most effective massage of the lower body.
12.the unique air bags provide you with the most comfortable massage of the upper body.
13.the 15minute anto timer .
14.the smooth auto-recling system enables you to adjust the backrest with recline angles between 100degree and 140degree.

The function of Multifunctional Electric Massage Chair:
1. Remove surplus fat
2. Elimminate toxin and deposit.
3. Activate cells and strengthen
4. Quickly improve your inner circulate.
5. Ease fatigus, relieve pains from whole body.
6. Clean blood vessel and improve blood circulatory.

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